(Guess) Appmobile is not Far-a-day Future


I am not in Las Vegas. I follow CES on my screen. That's why I thank people over there reporting from the event.

And there I see Faraday Future's 1000 hp ps or whatever headlines all over the place internet. For what this concept envisions, however, I don't see people of the future care about the horses...

What do you see looking at FFZERO1? I bet (Oh, Vegas) there's going to be as many '2 cents' on this as those 1000 horses, no less. But looking at Sebastian's piece about it over at Autoblog – it really makes sense – that being backed by LeTV, FF is letting the app in, big time.

It's no longer car, it's Appmobile.

Our new buttons launch our favourite apps. We make transactions and assign new functions on the fly drive. It's all there in LeTV's car app store. And others as well.

It just makes "horses" obsolete. The EV is going to give us such an effortless and dynamic drive that who's to think of horses and motors. Not that I'd put 1000 apps on it and brag around. I just think of how different it all is going to be.

And the day it comes does not seem to be far in the future.

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OMG.!! What a stunning piece of article.
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