30 EVs for 2 months? Boy these guys sell like crazy!

In this blog: A single Hamburg auto dealer sold over 30 BMW i3 in December and January!

Germans like the german stuff, big time. And it's not only them, but speaking of EVs sales (and I've said that before), germans will get interested in EVs once they can get a german EV...

Now they can and they buy like crazy, assuming I'm talking about the pricey BMW i3. It's not a cheap one indeed but we've proved so many times that if we truly like something, money doesn't matter. Look at mobile.de – there's couple of BMW i3 ads for more then €55k, but the demand is huge and waiting list just keeps on growing. Nope, it looks like it's not expensive...

Everyone has their own opinion, but I call 30 BMW i3 sales by one dealer in 2 months a hit. That's what Automobilwoche says – a Hamburg based BMW dealer Entenmann sold that much since the market introduction (Nov 16, 2013).

I won't even count first couple of weeks, that's why I'm saying 2 months. I can't imaging they've sold some cars in the beginning – we were even denied a test drive in Munich end October as "We don't have it yet! so cars was just not available back then.

Entenmann chief executive says all their i3 demo cars are booked for test drives non stop. Cool, great, they have three (at one dealer) – we had one i3 in Bulgaria for 24 hours just to get around Sofia couple of times right before the New Year. It will come to us though, I know ;).

Not sure how BMW i3's production goes in Leipzig, but there's this new rumour that if you order BMW i3 now, you'll need to wait 6 months to get it. Can't check this out, nor I've made an order, so no way to know if this is true. For me it's just an information and if I find more on the subject, I'll whistle in the comments. As there's a lot of i3s in the pict above, but they are all for tests ;).

So these 30 sales by one dealer are now a fact and looks like some EVs sell better then others (despite the price)! Time will tell if this is only an "initial fever".

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