7,000 hearts for Tesla Motors


Wishing you success, Tesla Motors!

I no longer write about Elon Musk. Stumbled upon and article where it says Elon hates people writing about him when there's tons of useful things to write about instead. Like the things behind all that tech which helps to improve our lives. And I feel we're improving. It's now obvious...

With the next Tesla conf call upon us today, the space is bursting with predictions. Not going to put 'my 2 cents' in – too small and too unnecessary.

I better keep sending some positive waves and keep feeling good about the team, the people who drive Tesla, EVs, and everyone doing the same as me in that very moment.

Because, as Gregg Braden shows, it takes just 7,000 hearts out of the whole humanity to change the world. Or as he says to his public of 1000 in the room – "Seven rooms like this can change the world".

So let's change the world. I'm sure math will be there to support investors wishes, or the next update to make Tesla owners even happier. But now we have a task to do. Let's support Tesla's team and make new awesome things together.

Open your heart, keep the faith and hEV fun!

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