BMW i3 for the first (short) time in Bulgaria

In this blog: Fantastic first BMW i3 photo session around Sofia right before the winter.

Yesterday we discovered unexpectedly, that in the end of novemner BMG Group Bulgaria had a special opportunity to briefly present the all electric BMW i3 in Sofia. It was quick and improvised one day event, enough to cruise around the city taking pics in famous spots...

Until today we didn't know about – it was made with Auto Bild magazine – but it's still quite a surprise, given there's no definite date of BMW i3 launch in Bulgaria.

Meanwhlie there's so many people interested in BMW, that as we shared in our previous blog, there's people (in US) who find it UGLY, but just can't wait to buy an i3. And are ready to pay immediately.

But we have no doubts there's going to be decent amount of i3 candidates in Bulgaria as well. And it will make the EVs much more popular in our country, because it's BMW. But other makes and model are equally important for the market penetration. The rest is up to people – word of mouth is the king.

And what about the charging? OK, most likely i3 buyers will be charging it in their own garages. But do we need (much more) public charging stations? Yes, and there's a simple reason – it's not that much about their use, because when you know the infrastructure is in place, it's all suscontions – you just don't think about it, as it's "secured".

We're not waiting for BMW i3 to land around just like that – we're investing our time and products so it comes as soon as possible. True for all the other EVs on the market. is now upgraded, has an English version and a new responsive design to fit all mobile devices, landscape or portrait. The new version of our Reviews and Ads app is also ready and we'll have a fresh start in the very beginnig of 2014.

Now we're leaving you with the nice BMW i3 session и and wish you have a Merry Christmas, awesome new 2014 and a new electric car.

bmw_i3_bulgaria_sofia_1_serdika bmw_i3_bulgaria_sofia_2 bmw_i3_bulgaria_sofia_4 bmw_i3_bulgaria_sofia_5

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