The EU Concil moves from Sofia to Austria with Teslas


In this blog: What's common between one million electric kilometers, the Concil of the EU and a roadtrip from Austria to Bulgaria and back with a Tesla.

The desire to make the transition to electric cars and clean energy that comes from citizens and not from politicians...

Yesterday we met some very interesting electric car enthusiasts - three austrians and one german. They are on a roadtrip with two Teslas from Zell am See to Sofia and back to Vienna. Two Teslas - two goals.

Their fist goal is to test the charging infrastructure on the way. Is the network reliable? Is the information in the websites and apps accurate? Apparently not completely. Their first hardship was very close to Bulgaria's border - in the Serbian town Dimitrovgrad. They found the charging station but there was no power due to construction works. Our electric friends called the local operator and were left with the promise that the station would be operational on their way back. How did they get to Sofia then? By driving economically with the little range they had. When they reached our capital though they had a second problem. They parked at a big supermaket, they registered in the app including the payment data and in the end the charging didn't start.

The second goal for their roadtrip is connected to the Concil of the European Union. June is ending and with that comes the end of the Presidency of the Council in Sofia. In the second half of 2018 the Presidency will be in Vienna. The electric car enthusiasts want to make the transition from Bulgaria to Austria clean, without CO2 emissions. That is their way to tell the european politics that european citizens are ready and willing to make the transition to clean and sustainable energy.

The roadtrip will end in Vienna on Saturday (30.06) where the two Teslas along with other electric car fans and cyclists will make a 1 hour CO2 clean tour of the Austrian capital. There is also a flashmob planned in front of the Hofsburg.

Lets meet our electric friends. 

Hansjorg started driving a Tesla Roadster in 2010 and since then has over 550 000 km with it. The german switched to his Model S and probably doesn't leave it often because he has over 650 000 km with it (without changing the battery). He let us take the wheel and we contributed to the next goal - 1 000 000 km with a Model S and a smile from Elon Musk. Hansjorg crossed Europe from the Northest to the Southest point and also went from Beijing to Hong Kong. He actually has the only Tesla that went in container to China and back. The nautical miles are not included in the overall mileage of the car of course.

The other Tesla driver is Kurt Krautgartner - winner of the first electric car race in Africa in October 2017. The austrian drove over 5600 km but this time with a Hyndai Ionic.

The two ladies from "Electric Ladies Team" also participated in the same race. Doris Holler-Bruckner drove alone from Vienna, through south Spain and Marocco the total of 8800 km.

A very good meeting, lots of stories and enthusiasm. Our electric car friends' adventure is an example of how normal people take the initiative and proove that the transition to a cleaner energy and transport is possible.

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