Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt wireless charging system hits the market in February 2014

In this blog: Plugless Power does not fit LEAF 2013, but starts with 30% off for the first 250 customers.

We like this – charging your EV without a cable. We also like that both most popular mainstream EVs – Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt/Opel Ampera – can now be charged wirelessly...

Plugless Power was developed by Evatran Group, Inc., in collaboration with Bosch Automotive. System power is rated at 3.3 kW, the same as "old" Nissan LEAF's onboard charger (that has twice that power at 6.6 kW since 2013).

Plugless Power sells for $2,998, so 30% off for the first 250 customers is the real deal.

Price aside, we find it most important that such a system is finally available to buy, not some concept for 2018 or so. It is supposed to hit the market next month so sales should be starting sometime in February 2014.

With 3.3 kW of power it's limited to Nissan LEAF 2010-2012, but will fit all Volt/Ampera models. Initial LEAF owners will need to pay a hundred more – $2,098, whereas the Volt/Ampera promo price is $1,998.

Otherwise it takes the same amount of time to charge both EVs with Plugless Power wireless system, as it does via cable.

The other difference is that every EV get its own adapter, installed onboard, acting as receiver. The second part is a transmitter pad, mounted in your garage floor or parking lot (could be possibly integrated in the pavement. That's where Bosch joins the party – to provide installations.

Well, seems like Plugless Power has it all and could be even used with a timer or smartphone app. Price wise, more models are expected by the end 2014, so it should be getting cheaper. Great, because not everyone will be among the first 250 or is ready to pony up two grand ;).

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