Apparently, Tesla Superchargers coming to Eastern Europe in 2015

In this blog: Tesla added new upcoming Supercharger locations in Eastern Europe on Aug 25, 2014.

"Tesla just updated their Supercharger map and now it shows couple of stations in Bulgaria in 2015," pops up around 1 am on August 26 in our forum. Where, I ask, I checked it out yesterday and there was nothing like that? "There's a new 2015 tab now and it shows some stations coming to Eastern Europe next year," came the short answer...

UPDATE April 2016: It didn't happen in 2015, and as of end April 2016 there is no info whatsoever, nor any construction works.

Sure enough minutes later I was already blogging about it. I'm blown away. Being part of the online EV network that I've built with my team over the last four years in Bulgaria, and trying to watch every Tesla move, I was expecting Model S and Superchargers in Bulgaria around 2017. But Tesla just surprised me (us)... big time.

For now it's only a plan and talking to a girl I know at Tesla's Amsterdam headquarters (she was very helpful when I requested some info before), to my question about the exact locations I was politely reminend they do not announce them upfront.

But she was also very surprised: "Cooool, I didn't know we're coming to Eastern Europe". She checks right away and confirms. "And I'm from Poland so great," she adds.

Yes it is and it may be just a corridor connection to Europe, but again, I am so surpsised it happens so soon. So is the whole team. And off the news goes to our Facebook page – tons of shares and every Model S I called in the morning to tell them personally, they already knew.

We've being "shouting" around (online) for quite some time about it, as others from Eastern Europe frequently do at every possible occasion on Tesla's Facebook page. Amazing, they heard us all and here they are coming.

I'm now reading the brand new "History of Tesla Motors" book (Kindle edition) and I've learnt a lot of things I didn't know about the company and Elon. I've also red that around 2019 J.B. Straubel will most likely take the CEO position so Elon focuses on Mars. And looks like they want to take care of as much stuff as possible with Tesla before that (spread the Superchargers everywhere, bring Model X to market and then the affordable Model III) before Elon prepares for another lauch.

Sweet, thanks guys, welcome to Bulgaria, and I'm doing launch after launch with my team as well. What else worths more than changing the world:)?

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