So people kind of want the Model S battery swap

In this blog: We asked people if they would pay for super fast Model S battery swap and here's the feedback.

Once we heard that Tesla Motors is going to try the battery swap opiton for real we wanted to know what people think about it. Knowing it will cost "slightly less than a full tank of gasoline for a premium sedan" and will take just 90 seconds, the poll went online...

Titled "Would you pay $50 for a 3 min Model S battery swap? (yeah, we had to say 2 min or less) and linked to the respective blog with more details, the poll had following options to select from:

  • Yes;
  • No;
  • Only if I'm really in a hurry;
  • Not sure.

The third one was an impulsive decision to compliment the direct responses and it really took us by surprise when it beat them all.

And the results are:

  • Yes – 20 votes (16.7%)
  • No – 41 votes (34.2%)
  • Only If I'm really in a hurry  – 55 votes (45.8%)
  • Not sure – 3 votes (2.5%)

Total votes – 120

So assuming Only If I'm really in a hurry is an "altered" YES, it looks like more people like/consider the paid battery swap option than not. Combined 64.5%!

The clear NO is also strong and if there wasn't for the hurry option, NO would maybe win, who knows.

Hopefully Tesla gathers much more feebdack from people using the test swap station at Harris Ranch, CA or by any other possible means. If it works then it will live, if not – we guess it will have to find a "better place".

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