Elon Musk says there will be a 'huge societal pressure for electric cars'

In this blog: Tesla Model X will come out this summer, Model 3 will be $35k WITHOUT federal tax rebate of $7500!

At 16:45 locat Detroit time Elon Musk started answering questions as part of Automotive News' World Congress panel. Elon said a lot of interesting and also surprising things, as follows (from journalists Tweets in the rooms)...

(Quick one about the Elon's slot response as someone wrote: "tweet volume roughly 15-20/speaker... @elonmusk was running 500-1k for his slot", and before him was a man like Ian Robertson of  BMW...)

Elon's main message today in Detroit: To encourage automakers to accelerate EV sales.

"I don't think we are asking for anything crazy & we're not taking food out of people's mouths (on opening stores)."

"We should be able to produce a few million cars a year by 2025."

Elon says by 2020 it will be profitable with Model 3 in production.

Model X will come out this summer.

"Absolutely certain Tesla Motors will cut battery costs by 30% by 2020, with further cost cuts to follow."

"If gigafactory doesn't drive down battery costs I should be fired."

Elon hints at Tesla announcement within months that could revolutionize auto service – "service should be like invisible love."

"What's remarkable is that Tesla has survived with so little government support."

"Zero emissions credits is not special treatment for Tesla, these credits existed for decades."

"I think at one point we will do advertising. Must first concentrate on production rates."

"We're sold out for all Model X we can possibly build this year."

Elon says Tesla wants to double, ramp up, production rates between beginning 2015 and end 2016.

"Being global celebrity is a double edged sword, I can't hang out with my friends at bar without being bothered."

Musk says he's had a few conversations with Warren Buffett.

Musk to Detroit: "Invest in electric vehicles. You won't regret it."

"Even as oil prices fall, the need to transition to electric cars is urgent."

"There will be huge societal pressure for electric cars."

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