Got juice in the battery – the world is ahead! hEV fun


In this blog: Merry Christmas, friends! hEV fun you all!

Charge your batteries, pump your emotions, freshen your ideas and move on...

The only Chrismas 'fortune' in our home made bread (how conveniently) popped out of my piece:

"Bunch of travels! Got juice in the battery – the world is ahead!" was written on the little paper. I rejoiced, naturally, and the other 'fortunes' I discovered in the bread delighted.

So I decided to touch you with the same energizing wish. Tell you that, once your battery is full, the energy is in you, with you. Use it as you like. You can scatter it, preserve it, even share it.

It's amazing how I didn't pay attention to all this so far. It was a difficult decision back in 2014 that had me take this path. I bought an EV. A support from the guy I share my work with – my brother Stefan – made it possible. And a journey to another life began.

I don't know if you have your own EV or when you'll have one. Little by little, every day, I try to get you closer to your new EV, should you want to get one, or to the world of electric mobility, by sharing interesting and inspiring stuff in the blog as well as by working on some EV projects. It's what we all do at, and many other EV fellows and enthusiasts as well. It's fun!

EVs are simply cars. And are simple cars. So what's so special about them? On top of all it can still be very difficult to get them...

Everyone has their own feelings and wishes. For us it was not and easy desicion – (in about 4-5 months) we had to spend it all we had to get the little Twizy. And then an unsuspected change begun.

Was it just because it's such a little car capable of only 50 miles an hours, that limited my driving speed? I feel it's not this limit. Somehow it (Twizy) cured my road aggression. You push the pedal and there's no roar to feed your ego and rush to get it back to "thаt asshole." I quickly discovered I don't need all this. I let go.

Now I drive with so much pleasure, try to pick the easy roads, watch the world around, and sometimes even count the buidings. I started seeing.

But we've already talked about it – you may have your own view about the interesting things and how to channel your energy. And your own way to get all this into your EV. If you don't already have one I wish you have it any moment now, should you wish so. It may be Santa Claus bringing it to you, the brave decision to take it now, or just the wish to change your life by making it more conscious, more effective and more... whatever you want – I wish it land on you today.

Merry Christmas!

And hEV fun!

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