Promised, built, charging – Go, Tesla!

In this blog: Fast and free Tesla Model S charging now also alongside "the Autobahn".

Wanted to visit friends on the other side of Germany for Christmas and show your brand new Model S off? No worries, now you can do it easely – since Dec 16, 2013 Germany has four Tesla Supercharger locations sporting eight chargins spots each. So you can even go to Switzerland, fast and free...

"There's no other car that..." is something you can start with when you speak of Tesla Model S on many occasions. One such is "...can be charged at Tesla Supercharger stations". And now, as promised, Tesla built the first batch of charging stations across Germany. They look like those in US, but are even faster – how does 135 kW of power sonds?.

So let's say you want to charge 30 kWh, good enough for roughly 150 km range (Tesla Model S consumes some 18 kWh/100 km). Well, it will take you just around 10 minutes to do it. Sounds fine to us, and it's free.

Drain it down to the reserve and you'll need like half an hour to top it up. Then it's a matter of driving style and as fast it goes on the Autobahn you may not get another 500 km, but even 350 km is not bad at all, right?

All four stations are conveniently located near Autobahns. Here details:

  •  A45 Frankfurt-Cologne (8 spots): MAXI-Autohof, Elkersberg 2, 57234 Wilnsdorf
  •  A8 Munich-Stuttgart (7 spots): Euro Rastpark, Robert-Bosch-Strasse 10.89343 Jettingen Scheppach
  •  A96 Munich-Zurich (8 spots): Euro Rastpark, Am Waizenhof 12.88317 Aichstetten
  •  A6 Stuttgart-Frankfurt (8 spots): 24 Total-Autohof, Buchaeckerring 40,74906 Bad Rappenau

So, yeah, keeping promises is great, and now Tesla network is one step closer to Bulgaria. Right now there's just a single Model S in our country, but there will be more for sure. And with couple of Superchargers in Serbia, Croatia, Austria and Hungary you'll be able to travel to Central Europe with your Model S. Oh, we'll need some superchargers in Bulgaria as well ;). Go, Tesla!

[Via: Mein Elektroauto]