Different issues put Solaris buses operated by BVG on hold


In this blog: From broken doors, through electronics and charging issues, e-buses are still on trial.

The four Solaris electric buses that have been inductively charged by the BVG since mid-2015 on the 204 line are, according to the "Tagesspiegel", currently at a standstill for various reasons...

One bus had a broken door, another had problems with the Bombardier on-board electronics. The two other electric buses are in the depot, because one of the inductive charging stations must be repaired. The project with the electric buses is still on the showcase program and is apparently having some early issues.

Meanwhile, Berlin's public transport companies are now testing another Solaris e-bus with the New Urbino 12 Electric. This one is not inductively charged, but overnight conventionally via plug at the BVG depot.

Via: Electrive

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