VW truck boss says Tesla is a loser


In this blog: Volkswagen wants to become a global champion when it comes to (electric) trucks.

Meanwhile Tesla grows it's business by constantly investing a lot of cash and is still about to get as profitable as investors want after 10 years of operations, which "could not happen at VW"...

A lot is going on at Volkswagen after the Dieselgate and as part of the new electric offensive that CEO Matthias Müller announced, the Volkswagen Truck & Bus division will also increasingly focus on e-mobility in the future. Board member Andreas Renschler wants to turn the truck division he leads into "a global champion". He does not fear new competitors like the electric miracle Tesla.

Tesla is considered by many to be one of the leading mobility companies of the future despite high losses and production problems. The company is also tapping in to the heavy transportantion and in a few days is scheduled to present its first all-electric truck – Tesla Semi. Together with the recently launched mass market Model 3, Tesla's product portfolio is growing.

Still, Volkswagen's board member Andreas Renschler explained in an interview with Manager Magazin that Tesla was "neither a benchmark nor an example" for him. Unlike the US company, Volkswagen is focused on sustainable business. "It can not be our business purpose to write a loss for ten years or more and to finance the shortfall on the stock market," said the German manager.

In addition to battery-powered cars, Volkswagen will soon also offer modern all-electric commercial vehicles. Planned are heavy distribution trucks with up to 180 kilometer range, electric city buses and compact vans. The Wolfsburg-based company wants to position itself as a supplier of vehicles for commercial use with the most reliable technology. "We only bring to market products that have matured and, for example, do not end up without energy in the battery in winter at temperatures below zero," says Renschler.

We don't remember that we've seen (electric) "market products ending up in the winter", and they are as arrogant as always in VW, so we say they better do than talk. Because for now it's mostly talk, like 2021 this, 2022 that...

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